Today we are going to talk about something that fascinates us and we believe it is a very healthy practice, at the same time fun, to share with our pets. We are talking about the so-called DOGA, or what is the same, yoga sessions with our dog.

Do not worry, you will not put your dog upside down doing the sun salutation. This practice consists of sharing a moment of peace and tranquillity with your best friend, performing simple and natural postures, and performing massages that help them achieve the relaxation necessary for this discipline.

This exercise is suitable for all types of people and dogs, although it is true that the smaller the dog, the easier it will be. To do it, we only have to share a mat with our dog and follow the instructions of the monitor. Here are some of the parts that are done in these classes:

  1. Massage and gentle stretching (not based on physiotherapy, but on gentle movements to achieve your well-being).
  2. Postures inspired by yoga (they are totally adapted to the dogs, and they are made alternating as protagonist: once the dog, another the human).
  3. Stretching (intended exclusively to prevent injuries, contractures and soreness in dogs).
  4. Total relaxation (with environmental music, people and dogs relax, side by side, stretched out, with their eyes closed and receiving caresses from their owners).

In many countries this practice has already been extended, and there are even stays in large parks to do the doga outdoors and with people from all places. This is achieved by generating a friendly environment, in which new friendships are created both of dogs and people, increasing the connection between dog and owner, and achieving their relaxation.

The best thing of all is that you can practice anywhere, if you have not yet tried it, we invite you to do it, surely you have a great time.