Over the last few days we have been receiving numerous inquiries regarding the coronavirus, COVID-19. As you can imagine, basically all these questions are focused on the worry of not knowing if our pet can be infected or can be a bearer of this virus.

A lot of information has been coming to us from different media about this topic, but it really does not clarify if the virus can affect our pet or if our pet may can infect us.

To the present day, we know that the virus is being transmitted from person to person, but there is no study that shows whether or not the coronavirus affects a domestic animal, so there is a possibility that it could be transmitted. We say domestic, because according to scientists, COVID-19 has been transmitted to man through the wild animal.

When in doubt, every precaution is a good enough and it does not go amiss. Therefore, if we know that we have been infected by the coronavirus or have someone close to us who has been infected, we should take the same cautions that we follow so we do not transfer the virus to people, with our pets. Avoid direct contact, isolation is the key, within our possibilities, use all preventive means to avoid infection (gloves, mask) and above all keep a constant cleaning and disinfection.

Have to take our pet to veterinarian is not needed but, in case that we may noticed any symptom of the disease in our pet or any symptom of discomfort, we recommend that you to call your veterinarian immediately. He will tell you how to act and what to do.