As you know, the Government, after proclaiming the state of alarm for serious coronavirus crisis, COVID-19, has taken a series of steps that limit the day-to-day life of citizens.

Between these measures are include, the permission to take our pets for a walk, individually, in short distances (about 100 or 200 meters maximum), so that they can do their needs.

In the same way that we change, disinfect and wash when we arrive at our home from the street, to avoid contaminating it, we must do exactly the same with our pets, as they can also carry virus particles in their bodies.

To do this we have to put emphasis on their paws.

How should we disinfect our pets?

  1. The first step we have to take is to clean with water and soap the paws of our pets, in order to inactivate the virus particles, in case our dog has been contaminated during the walk.
  2. We can also add to this measure, the sodium hypochlorite, a chemical component perfectly suitable for our pets, as it is a very common substance used by veterinarians to disinfect wounds in animals. But it is also an active component recognized against this virus, the COVID-19, because it kills directly the viral particles. With two or three sprays of this solution on each of our pet’s legs, on the soles and    backs, before and after going outside, it is more than enough.
  3. In case that our pet has rolled around in the grass or in the street during its walk,       we should spray all those parts that may have had contact with infected areas by the  virus.

That way, we make sure that our pet is totally disinfected and safe.

It is important NOT to wash or spray your pet with alcohol as it can be harmful to your pet. You should keep in mind that the paws are parts of the body that they will lick and they cannot ingest the alcohol.